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Royal Thrones Restroom Trailers

Royal Thrones has a wide variety of mobile restroom trailers ranging from an Industrial 2 Stall to our line of Opulence trailers designed with your VIP guest in mind.  Regardless of your requirements, Royal Thrones has a mobile restroom or shower trailer to fit your needs.

Portable Restroom & Shower Trailer Sales


Restroom Trailers


Restroom Trailers Includes Running Water, Heating, Air Conditioning & High-Quality Products. Our temporary bathrooms are perfect for weddings, festivals, and other special occasions.

Royal Thrones Restroom Trailers

Mobile Restroom Trailers

Shower Trailers

As you enter this private, 2-station Shower Restroom Trailer, you will immediately notice climate-controlled surroundings with a clean and well-lit interior.

An oasis where you can escape the noise and enjoy a few moments of solitude.

OI shower combo two station

Shower Trailers

Emergency Trailers

Schools, factories, and other sites often need dependable emergency restroom trailers. Your employees will not accept porta potties. Give us a call for special pricing for temporary bathroom trailers. You can count on 24-hour service that is only a phone call away.

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Disaster Services

A beautiful outdoor wedding deserves the best for your guests.

Wedding Restroom Trailers

At Royal Thrones, we strive to make your experience seamless. All Thrones are owned by us and in stock. When you book with us, you can depend that your Royal Throne will be delivered and setup in a timely manner so your guests can enjoy celebrating your special day. This is our promise to you!!!

Royal Thrones has the finest accommodations for your guests, offering much more than standard porta potty and portable bathroom rentals. We believe in quality, not quantity, and will take care of all your needs and exceed your expectations with our luxury restroom trailers.

Each one of our Thrones are meticulously cleaned and disinfected after each event, so your guests will feel comfortable and safe. Here is a link if you would like to hire an attendant for your event to keep your portable bathroom rental tidy, clean and stocked and disinfected during your event.

Royal Thrones at Weddings

Rent A Portable Restroom

Royal Thrones Rental Guide

You can learn everything there is to know about renting a luxury restroom trailer from our Royal Thrones rental guide. Every day across the nation, Royal Thrones rents out portable restroom trailers.  Fill out the short form to get an estimate, and we will call you to discuss your needs or give us a call at 1-800-721-6740 for additional details about our rental restroom trailers.


How To Reserve A Restroom Trailer

When you’re in the market to reserve a restroom trailer, rest assured the process is completely hassle-free. First, simply fill out the convenient form on our website; then, promptly, one of our representatives will get back to you. Moreover, if you have any questions about your rental, don’t hesitate to give us a call — we truly enjoy hearing from our customers! Additionally, our team of friendly experts is available at 800-721-6740, 7 days a week, ensuring you can reach us at your convenience. Lastly, we will contact you right away to address any inquiries and finalize the booking of your restroom trailer, making the entire process seamless and straightforward.

What Are the Electrical and Water Requirements for A Restroom Trailer?

Our restroom trailer requires a 110v dedicated 20 amp power source situated within 100 ft of its placement. Additionally, if the weather dips below 45 degrees, a separate 20 amp source may become necessary to support added wall heaters and/or a water heater. Furthermore, for situations where power isn’t available onsite, we conveniently offer generators for rent alongside the trailer. Similarly, our restroom trailer needs a water source within 100 ft of placement, to which our garden hose can be easily connected to supply water.

In cases where the event lacks access to a water supply, fortunately, we’ve equipped our trailers with an onboard water supply that can be utilized for an additional fee. Likewise, should the need arise, generators are available for rent to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

What Is Included in The Rental?

Royal Thrones elevates your event by providing not just any restroom trailers, but a complete luxurious bathroom experience suitable for all event sizes. Our service stands out because we not only deliver high-quality restroom trailers but also include all necessary accessories for setup — such as electrical cords and water hoses. This means less hassle for you, as our trailers arrive fully equipped with toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, and hand soap, ensuring you don’t need to worry about the essentials.

Moreover, while our trailers come ready to use with all the basic supplies, we understand that events can vary in length and need. For this reason, we place the responsibility of basic upkeep, like replenishing paper products, on the client. However, for those seeking an even more hands-off approach, Royal Thrones offers the option of having trained attendants on-site. These professionals are available at an additional cost and can manage all maintenance tasks, ensuring your event runs smoothly without any bathroom-related interruptions.

Long-Term Rentals and Maintenance

Opting for a long-term rental introduces additional considerations. In these scenarios, clients are encouraged to oversee the cleaning, maintenance, and restocking of the trailer. This ensures that the high standard of luxury and cleanliness Royal Thrones is known for is maintained throughout the rental period.

To cater to the diverse needs of our clients, whether for a single-day affair or a prolonged event, Royal Thrones is committed to delivering an unmatched level of service. We go the extra mile to ensure your guests enjoy a comfortable and sophisticated restroom experience.

How Is the Delivery Conducted?

Scheduling the delivery of your restroom trailer is designed to be seamless and tailored to the specific needs of your event. For events taking place on a Saturday, we typically arrange for the trailer to be delivered on either Thursday or Friday. This allows us ample time to ensure everything is set up perfectly for your big day.

Once you’ve chosen Royal Thrones for your event, our dedicated delivery team will reach out to coordinate a convenient delivery time. We aim to work closely with you to find the best time for delivery, ensuring the setup goes smoothly without disrupting your event’s preparation. To ensure the placement of the trailer aligns with your vision, we prefer to have a representative from your side meet us on-site. This way, we can directly discuss where you’d like the trailer positioned, making sure it’s exactly where you want it.

As for the pickup, you won’t need to worry about being present. We typically schedule the pickup of the restroom trailer for the following Sunday or Monday, allowing for flexibility and one less thing on your to-do list post-event.

Our goal is to make the delivery and pickup process as hassle-free as possible, ensuring that the restroom facilities are ready when you need them and removed promptly after your event concludes.

What Are the Parking Requirements for The Restroom Trailer?

When planning where to place your restroom trailer, selecting the right spot is key to ensuring a smooth setup and a seamless experience for your guests. The ideal location for the trailer is a relatively flat area. This is crucial because while our trailers are designed with flexibility in mind and can be adjusted a few inches to level them out, they cannot compensate for steep slopes.

Moreover, it’s important to consider the surroundings of the intended placement area. Our restroom trailers require a space that isn’t too confined and is free from obstructions like tree limbs. Ensure that both the path leading to the placement area and the area itself have ample clearance — we recommend a minimum of 12 feet in width and height — to avoid any issues with overhanging branches.

As for the size of the trailer, it typically measures 8 feet in width by 22 feet in length. This measurement is vital when evaluating the space at your venue to ensure there’s enough room for the trailer to be parked and accessed comfortably by your guests.

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A Portable Bathroom for any remodel:

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The Denali offers a more free-flowing environment with easy entry and exit doors on each side.

This particular luxury restroom can accommodate up to 4 women and 6 men at any time. The 740-gallon waste tank can handle up to 2,200 flushes.

Century III

The Century III was designed around bigger gatherings. With a 500-gallon holding tank, it can accommodate up to 1,500 flushes. It features the same easy-to-clean interior, easy maintenance, and set-up exterior of the Century II in a larger event handling frame.

Opulence 4-Station

The Opulence 4-Station contains four stations in three separate restrooms – one male restroom furnished with a sink, toilet station, and urinal station, as well as two individual female restroom stations.


A beautiful outdoor wedding deserves the best for your guests.


Royal Thrones has the finest accommodations for the guest. We believe in quality, not quantity, and will take care of all your needs. Our favorite wedding trailer is the Opulence 4-Station.

Royal Thrones offers restroom trailers for a variety of events across the United States. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person or over the phone.

Each one of our Thrones are meticulously cleaned and disinfected after each event, so your guests will feel comfortable and safe.

Every elegant portable bathroom by Royal Thrones provides clean, attractive, and comfortable outdoor portable toilet rental solutions. We cap the top in making your outdoor event a success.

An elegant portable bathroom rental for your event




2, 3 and 4 Station Restroom Trailers

For smaller events and gatherings, Royal Thrones Rentals offers a 2-station portable restroom trailer rental. This comes with two separate sides, one for men and one for women. Each side has one stall, frosted LED lights, running water, and much more space than the average portable restroom. Here, you can cool off or warm up. Then you can do a double check in the mirror to make sure you’re still presentable and bringing your A game.

Specs include:

• Heating & Air Conditioning
• Hot/Cold Fresh-Water Faucet
• Soap Dispenser, Seat Covers
• Vanity Mirrors
• Stainless Steel Sinks

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Opulent III
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Opulent III
Royal Thrones Opulent III
Royal Thrones Opulent III
Royal Thrones Opulent III
Royal Thrones Opulent III


See what our Customers Say

Bill delivered the trailer to the farm himself inspected everything and put it in the best possible spot. The wedding was in Cassville Missouri and it looked spectacular everyone had to check it out and they thought it was amazing. I would recommend Royal Thrones to anyone having a special event. They are prompt and very fairly priced. Thank you Bill again for helping make our special day even better.

Mike Finkbiner

Our “Throne” was the hit of the Party

When a guest at my son’s wedding pulled me aside and declared, that the potty trailer is nicer than my bathroom at home, I knew we had picked a winner. Bill was fantastic to work with; delivery was prompt and full instructions were given. While I hope my wedding-hosting days are over, I’ll certainly be recommending Royal Thrones to the many organizations in my rural Oklahoma community that host events.


Margaret Hess

Bill at Royal Thrones was great to work with. He set up the portable in our specified location and made sure he answered any and all of our questions. The bathrooms were so nice and such an upgrade from your typical porta-potty situation! Highly recommend!


Do it the Royal Thrones Way

Why “Go” Anywhere Else?

Whether it’s your dream wedding, a large corporate event or a birthday party, you can depend on Royal Thrones for the perfect portable bathroom rental solution.

Royal Thrones provides clean, attractive, and comfortable outdoor restrooms solutions for most events. Look no further! We are here to make your outdoor event a success. We provide several options including our “best of class” trailers!

All Quotes are for single-day rental, multi-day discounts are available on request. Delivery logistics will be determined the week before the event. If you need a portable bathroom rental for multiple days, please let us know when you make the reservation.

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