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Disaster Relief Restroom Trailers for Rent

In the aftermath of natural disasters, you need comfortable, reliable, and durable shower and restroom trailers for your vulnerable population. When a community is at its lowest, they can find comfort in Royal Thrones Trailers products to help them meet their basic sanitation needs.

If you are a contractor who specializes in disaster relief and FEMA efforts or a government agency renting a trailer for your community, we have the emergency bathroom trailer for rent to meet your requirements. Our wide range of restroom trailers provides you with the size and specs to meet your climate needs.
Royal Thrones is designed to be set up quickly and safely.

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If you are looking for an immediate solution in the wake of a natural disaster, we are here to help. Our emergency restroom trailers are available for immediate delivery. Simply give our team a call, and we will work with you to get your community the sanitation trailers they need as fast as possible.

If you are proactively searching for porta potties prepping for hurricane season, we can meet your custom specification needs.

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FEMA Restroom Trailers

Disaster and loss of running water and clean sanitation is a real challenge when a hurricane or flood strikes. Royal Thrones is ready and capable to move on a 24-hour basis.

The bathroom trailer is quite possibly the most important item that can be accessible in case of a catastrophic event, particularly at a crisis alleviation asylum, police or local group of fire-fighters, clinics, and different organizations. At the point when you have huge quantities of individuals dislodged by a flood, rapidly spreading fire, seismic tremor, storm, or another cataclysmic event, having a clean restroom trailer and a private place to go can really save your well-being.

A clean portable air-conditioned restroom trailer is one of the most important items that can be available in the event of a natural disaster, for your office, police, or fire department, and especially at an emergency relief shelter.

The repercussions of losing fresh water and electricity can be risky assuming water sources become sullied and, in addition, the utilities may be out for quite a long time or even a long time to come. Here are a few of the reasons why having one of our potty rentals available for state, government and military personnel disaster aid projects is our goal at Royal Thrones.

Comfort for Evacuees

Evacuees will in general be under huge measures of pressure, for justifiable reasons. Some of the time families need to escape their homes with one minute’s notification — and they couldn’t say whether they have a home to return to. The straightforward solace of having a clean air-conditioned bathroom, where they can use the restroom while safe and secure, is a huge comfort to many people, and particularly for older family members.

Evacuees are frequently in peculiar environmental elements, eating food varieties to which they are not accustomed, and dozing on beds in a structure loaded with outsiders. A bathroom trailer gives a private and a better place to go.

Disinfection for Safety

Keeping restrooms or the old porta-potties clean when you have enormous quantities of individuals using them is a big challenge. On the off chance that the force is out and running water is inaccessible, flushing an ordinary toilet turns into a battle except if you can pull containers of water to the bathroom. Convenient potty trailer rentals wipe out a significant number of these worries and help to keep down bacteria and safety environment.

The spread of transmittable illness is probably the greatest risk in the repercussions of a natural disaster. Our units accompany hand sanitizer and different choices which permit evacuees to keep their hands disinfected, in a circumstance where it very well could be a couple of days before clean water is even accessible. A cataclysmic event is a large enough emergency all alone; keeping individuals from becoming ill diminishes its odds of turning into a significantly greater emergency.

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We are ready to help at a moment’s notice.

Following significant occasions in the earlier decade, like the 9-11 assaults and Hurricane Ida or Katrina, catastrophe help offices have figured out how to be vastly improved ready for significant occasions like these. Being ready and realizing what to do in case of a disaster event is obviously superior to taking a blind leap of faith. Royal Thrones has associations with FEMA, the Red Cross, and offices so everybody knows their job when a crisis strikes.

On the off chance that you need rental restroom trailers for a worksite, uncommon occasion, wedding party, celebration, or some other event, get in touch with us to perceive how Royal Thrones will do an amazing job to meet your restroom rental necessities.

Our Esteemed Clients Speak

I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying Royal Thrones at several events over the years. Not only are the restrooms clean and spacious, they attend to the smallest detail. This is a great service for Northwest Arkansas.

Jack Donovan

Tarragon Supply

I saw one of these when I went to a friend’s wedding. This is not the typical portable potty. Inside the restroom, you will find it very clean and spacious. Large mirror with matching countertop, and nicely decorated.

Jill Dougherty

Wedding Expert

Bill gave us prompt and efficient service with a top-notch restroom trailer. Our guests were pleased by the cleanliness and the luxury of having a bathroom on site. We will recommend and use Royal Thrones again.

Derrick Thomas

Springdale, AR

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