Luxury Portable Restrooms in Ohio

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Elevate your event with Royal Thrones, the leading provider of luxury portable restrooms in Ohio. Tailored for discerning clients, our facilities offer a blend of comfort, style, and convenience, ensuring your special occasion, whether a wedding, corporate event, or private party, is both memorable and sophisticated. Choose Royal Thrones for a seamless and upscale restroom experience that reflects the high standards of your Ohio event.

Luxury Portable Restrooms in Ohio

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Ohio Private Party Restrooms

Transform your private gatherings with the elegance of Royal Thrones, where your guests’ comfort is our priority. Say goodbye to ordinary porta potties and elevate your event with our luxurious restroom trailers. Our facilities are not just clean; they epitomize efficiency, reliability, and sophistication, making them a standout feature for any exclusive event. With Royal Thrones, you’re not just renting a restroom; you’re enhancing the overall experience of your celebration. Contact us for a complimentary VIP restroom trailer quote, and ensure your event’s facilities are as special as your guests, delivered seamlessly to your venue.

Business Remodel Restrooms

Undergoing a business restroom renovation can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to compromise the comfort and convenience of your staff and visitors. Maintaining a professional and accommodating environment is crucial, especially during extensive renovations. Royal Thrones of Ohio offers a perfect solution to keep your operations smooth and your personnel satisfied. Our premium restroom trailers provide a clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing alternative during business remodels. Opt for Royal Thrones to ensure that your temporary restroom facilities reflect the high standards and continuity of your business services, making the transition period as comfortable and seamless as possible.

Graduation Celebrations

Celebrate academic achievements in style with Royal Thrones of Ohio. Graduation is a milestone event, and every detail should reflect its importance, including the restrooms. Ditch the standard porta potties for our VIP restroom trailers, where comfort meets luxury to honor the graduate’s success. Each Royal Throne unit is air-conditioned, impeccably clean, and designed for reliability, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for your guests. Secure our exceptional service at competitive rates and make your graduation celebration not only memorable but also comfortable. Contact us today to elevate your event with the sophistication it deserves.

Sporting Events

Elevate the game day experience with Royal Thrones of Ohio. While sports are all about action and intensity, the restroom facilities shouldn’t be an afterthought. Standard porta potties, often dirty and unpleasant, can detract from the event. Royal Thrones changes the game by providing clean, air-conditioned, and dependable restroom solutions that cater to the needs of athletes and spectators alike. Our comfort stations are a game-changer, ensuring that attendees can focus on the sport without worrying about the facilities. Get in touch with us for a complimentary quote and arrange for the delivery of a Royal Thrones VIP trailer, ensuring your sporting event is as top-tier as the athletes it celebrates.

Luxury Portable Restrooms in Ohio

Elevate Your Event with Ohio’s Premier Luxury Restroom Trailers

Elevate your event to a memorable affair with Royal Thrones of Ohio, the leading provider of luxury portable restroom rentals. Serving the entirety of Ohio, we specialize in adding a touch of sophistication to weddings, corporate events, outdoor gatherings, and more. Our commitment to excellence ensures a seamless and superior service experience, tailored to enhance the ambiance of your event.

Why settle for ordinary when you can offer your guests the extraordinary? Royal Thrones of Ohio presents an upscale alternative to traditional portable toilets. Our opulent restrooms boast refined interiors, complete with flushing toilets, warm and cold water, stylish sinks, elegant lighting, tasteful décor, and climate control for ultimate comfort. Ideal for any setting requiring temporary restroom facilities, our units guarantee a clean, private, and luxurious experience that aligns with the high standards of your event or project.

Our dedication to unparalleled customer service and satisfaction drives us to exceed your expectations. The Royal Thrones team comprises industry experts who are passionate, professional, and ready to assist with every detail of your rental experience. From initial inquiry to post-event cleanup, we offer comprehensive support, including delivery, installation, maintenance, and removal of the units, ensuring a stress-free solution for your sanitation needs.

Choose Royal Thrones of Ohio to infuse your event with convenience and class. Let us take care of the details so you can focus on hosting a remarkable gathering. Contact us now to reserve your luxury portable restrooms and discover the Royal Thrones difference – where your comfort is our priority.

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Enhance your event with the epitome of elegance and comfort by choosing Royal Thrones of Ohio for your luxury restroom needs. Our trailers are meticulously crafted to offer spacious interiors, running water, and air conditioning, providing an experience akin to a five-star hotel restroom. Renowned for our friendly and professional service, Royal Thrones stands as the pinnacle of luxury in restroom trailer rentals. Whether it’s a wedding, concert, golf tournament, construction project, or any other gathering, our facilities elevate the standard of convenience and sophistication, making every event effortlessly refined. Opt for the best portable restrooms in Ohio and transform the essential into the exceptional, ensuring your event’s amenities are as memorable as the occasion itself.

Experience the Comfort of Ohio’s Top-Tier Luxury Loo Hire

In Ohio, Royal Thrones of Ohio is your comprehensive source for all portable restroom needs, adeptly accommodating events of any scale—from intimate gatherings to grand corporate events, weddings to major celebrations, business renovations to emergencies. Our portable restroom trailers are crafted with an eye for luxury, ensuring your guests enjoy comfort, privacy, and space. Each unit’s design is both elegant and versatile, able to be placed in nearly any setting while functioning independently of direct water or power connections. With Royal Thrones, you provide your attendees not just with sanitary facilities but with an upscale restroom experience that mirrors the comfort of indoor amenities. Choose Royal Thrones of Ohio to add a touch of refinement and reliability to your outdoor events, making every aspect of your occasion exemplary.

Elite Bathroom Rentals  for Ohio Events

Royal Thrones Rental Guide

Discover the ins and outs of securing a luxury restroom trailer with our comprehensive Royal Thrones rental guide. Across the nation, Royal Thrones is a trusted provider of portable restroom trailers, catering to a variety of events each day. To start, simply complete our brief inquiry form to receive an estimate, and we will promptly contact you to discuss your specific requirements in detail. Alternatively, for immediate assistance and more information about our upscale restroom trailers, please call us at 513-659-8221. Choose Royal Thrones for a seamless rental experience and ensure your event is equipped with the finest facilities available.

How to Reserve a Restroom Trailer in Ohio?

Reserving a restroom trailer with Royal Thrones is straightforward. Fill out the form on our website, and a representative will promptly get in touch. If you have questions or prefer direct contact, call us at 513-659-8221 any day of the week. Our friendly experts are eager to assist, ensuring a smooth reservation process for your restroom trailer.   Get A Quick Quote 


What Are the Electrical and Water Requirements?

Our trailers need a 110v, 20 amp power source within 100 ft and a water source for the garden hose connection, also within 100 ft. In colder temperatures (below 45 degrees), an additional 20 amp source may be necessary. We provide generators and an onboard water supply for locations without these facilities, available at an additional cost.

What is Included in the Rental?

The rental includes the restroom trailer, necessary hook-up equipment (electrical cords, water hoses), and essentials like toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, and trash bags. While clients are responsible for replenishing consumables during the event, our attendants can manage these tasks for an additional fee. For long-term rentals, clients handle cleaning, maintenance, and restocking.

How Is Delivery Conducted?

For Saturday events, delivery occurs on Thursday or Friday, with pick-up on Sunday or Monday. We coordinate delivery and pick-up times with you, ensuring optimal timing and placement. On-site presence during delivery helps us to park the trailer according to your preferences.

What Parking Space Is Required?

The trailer requires a flat surface for setup, with some leveling capability. Avoid placing it in tight spaces or near low-hanging tree branches. Ensure the access path and placement site have at least 12 feet of width and height clearance to accommodate the trailer.

Luxury Portable Restrooms Ohio Opulence Sinks

Our Esteemed Clients Speak

I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying Royal Thrones at several events over the years. Not only are the restrooms clean and spacious, they attend to the smallest detail. This is a great service for Northwest Arkansas.

Jack Donovan

Tarragon Supply

I saw one of these when I went to a friend’s wedding. This is not the typical portable potty. Inside the restroom, you will find it very clean and spacious. Large mirror with matching countertop, and nicely decorated.

Jill Dougherty

Wedding Expert

Bill gave us prompt and efficient service with a top-notch restroom trailer. Our guests were pleased by the cleanliness and the luxury of having a bathroom on site. We will recommend and use Royal Thrones again.

Derrick Thomas

Springdale, AR

Luxury Portable Restrooms in Ohio

Two-Station Shower Trailer in Ohio

Royal Thrones of Ohio sets the standard for luxury portable restrooms, offering unmatched quality and comfort for any event. Our two-station shower trailer is the epitome of convenience and luxury, ideal for weddings, corporate gatherings, birthday celebrations, or any special occasion. Designed with sophistication and user comfort in mind, our portable bathrooms ensure that your event stands out. Choose Royal Thrones for a superior restroom experience that enhances the uniqueness of your event, making it truly memorable for all attendees.

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