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The Royal Thrones Restrooms Shower Trailers are perfect solutions for events such as weekend festivals or for use at certain job sites. This unit may be combined with additional Royal Thrones Bathrooms for large events. Originally designed for disaster relief efforts, the Royal Thrones Restrooms Two, Four and Eight Stall Shower Units are the perfect choice for emergency situations or in any case where power and water sources are not readily available.

Many of the Shower Units includes two unisex bathrooms each furnished with a sink, toilet, and shower. Whether used for a special event or emergency situation, Royal Thrones Restroom trailers provide individuals with the comforts of home in clean, private, and spacious stalls featuring: Flushing Porcelain Toilets, Pedestal Sinks and Mirrors,  ,Hand Soap and Hand Towels, and Air Conditioning or Heat.  The eight stall unit is single private showers for large groups.

The unique design of Royal Thrones Restrooms gives them the mobility to go virtually anywhere. Our Two-Stall Shower Unit is completely self-contained and operable using (2) 110 volt outlets or generator(s) for the lights, heat or air conditioner, and on-demand propane water heater. (Unit pulls a maximum of 20 amps.) Water is supplied by a spigot and garden hose or a 165 gallon on-board fresh water holding tank. The unit houses a 200 gallon waste holding tank; grey water from the showers can either flow directly into the waste holding tank or be diverted to a specific location on the ground. If operated from a continuous water source, the unit provides approximately 450 hot showers.

Two Station Shower Trailer

The 2 Station Shower Trailer Portable Restrooms Combo Comfort Series is the perfect solution for locations requiring shower and restroom facilities in one compact environment!  Each unisex shower/restroom suite includes water-saving china flushable toilet, a sink with metered faucet, and a shower stall with metered shower head and curtain.


Emergency Response Bathrooms

 Portable showers and restroom trailers are the perfect solution for disasters and other events where you need immediate sanitary restrooms. These bathroom trailers come in various sizes, with multiple stalls and sinks. We offer all the amenities you’d expect from traditional bathrooms, like hot water, air conditioning, and private rooms.

Emergency Shower Trailers

Renting a portable safety shower and emergency eyewash trailer for your oilfield, construction or other industrial job sites provide on-the-spot, first line of defense to protect workers in the event of a chemical-related accident. When work site safety is a priority, ensure that if an emergency arises you’re prepared.

Two Stall Shower Trailer

The Royal Thrones Restrooms Two-Stall Shower Unit is the perfect choice for emergency situations or in any case where power and water sources are not readily available.

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