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Restroom Trailers

Royal Thrones Restroom Trailers offer a variety of luxury restroom trailers available for rent. Our bathroom trailers provide an elegant and comfortable environment for all your special event guests. We offer a wide selection of sizes, amenities, and styles to meet all of your needs! Our restroom trailers come complete with lighting, air conditioning, water heating, and other features.

Contact us today to learn more about our selection of luxury restrooms available for rent.  800-721-6740

WHETHER you need a restroom trailer for a large wedding or corporate event, Royal Thrones Restroom Trailers has the perfect toilet trailer rental for you. Our luxury bathroom trailers ensure that your guests will have all of the amenities they need to feel comfortable. With our top-of-the-line features such as air conditioning, lighting, and running water.

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Our Esteemed Clients Speak

We were amazed with the quality and service of Royal Thrones! They were always willing to answer any questions we had and were super flexible to work with. The bathrooms were very high quality, super clean, and stocked with everything we needed. We had several guests that commented on how nice they were at our wedding!

Maggie Dervin

Great Product and Service

When a guest at my son’s wedding pulled me aside and declared, that potty trailer is nicer than my own bathroom at home, I knew we had picked a winner.

Bill was fantastic to work with; delivery was prompt and full instructions were given.

While I hope my wedding hosting days are over, I’ll certainly be recommending Royal Thrones to the many organizations in my rural Oklahoma community that host events.

Bill was fantastic to work with; delivery was prompt and full instructions were given.

While I hope my wedding hosting days are over, I’ll certainly be recommending Royal Thrones to the many organizations in my rural Oklahoma community that host events.

Margaret Hess

Our “Throne” was the hit of the Party

Royal Thrones was hit! The guest love them! In fact it, people carried on about how great they were for several weeks after the party!.

Mary Lehr


Two Station Shower Trailer

The 2 Station Shower Trailer Portable Restrooms Combo Comfort Series is the perfect solution for locations requiring shower and restroom facilities in one compact environment!  Each unisex shower/restroom suite includes water-saving china flushable toilet, a sink with metered faucet, and a shower stall with metered shower head and curtain.


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Serving Southern Missouri and Surrounding Cities

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  • Neosho MO
  • Springfield MO
  • Galena KS
  • Branson, MO
  • Rolla, MO
  • Nixa, MO
  • Grand Lake
  • Miami, Ok

When you’re looking to reserve a restroom trailer, the process is hassle-free. Simply fill out the convenient form  and one of our partners will respond quickly. If you have any questions regarding your rental, feel free to give us a call.


Our restroom trailer requires a water source within 50 to 100 ft of placement in which our garden hose can be connected to supply water.  If the event does not have access to a water supply, we have an onboard water supply than can be used at an additional cost.   Please let us know ahead of time if we need to bring water.


Our restroom trailers requires a regular 110 volt dedicated 20 amp power source within 100 ft of placement. If the weather is under 45 degrees, a separate 20 amp source may be needed (for added wall heaters and/or water heater). If power is not available onsite, we offer generators that you can rent along with the trailer.   

Royal Thrones provides a convenient and luxurious bathroom experience for events of all sizes.  We  supply everything you need to hook them up – such as electrical cords and water hoses! Our trailers come fully stocked with toilet paper, paper towels, trash with trash bags, and hand soap so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own supplies.
However, the client is responsible for basic upkeep during events such as adding paper products when necessary and if desired Royal Thrones may have trained attendants that can be on-site to handle these tasks at an extra cost depending on the location
If a long-term rental is chosen, then the client will also be responsible to clean, maintain and supply the trailer as needed.

For a Saturday event, our restroom trailer is normally delivered on Thursday or Friday. Our delivery team will schedule a convenient time to deliver the trailer to your venue. We will adjust our timetable to a coordinate with you to ensure a prime delivery time and restroom trailer placement. we would prefer to meet someone on site to show us where you prefer the trailer parked.  Our restroom trailer is typically picked up on Sunday or Monday, so nobody needs to be present.


It is necessary for the trailer to be put up in a somewhat flat area.  We do have the ability to level the trailer a few inches.  It’s also crucial to keep in mind that our trailers work better in an open area without or around tree limbs. Make sure that both the placement area and the road to get there have enough clearance (12’w x 12’h) from any overhanging tree branches.  The typical restroom trailer is 8′ X 22′ feet in size.



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